Established in June 1978, R.E.S. is not only one of Tokyo's oldest foreigner-friendly real estate companies, but also one of the most versatile.

Tell us about your housing plan. R.E.S. should have the solution to your optimum residence with optimum mortgage loan.
R.E.S offers properties for investments. Owning your residence is a conservative yet positive investment as the rental saving, while active investments may bring in a higher level of return. R.E.S. is where you can always obtain timely information on residential or commercial properties, maintenance and management, mortgages, and others that you find interesting.

Of course leasing is also one of their businesses. Whether youfre looking for a studio apartment or a six-bedroom house, and whether you want to live in central Tokyo or areas outside the city, R.E.S. has the perfect accommodation including some easy ones named gR.E.S. Apartments,h which require no key money, guarantor or agents fee, and utilities included.

Whatfs more, R.E.S. has a new office gR.E.S. Architect Designh or gR.E.S. AD,h which is staffed by three experienced architects who can provide the renovation plans for your dream house. Working with a group of highly skilled carpenters, painters, electricians and plumbers, the AD team can turn your home ideas into reality. R.E.S. also offers services to business owners, so if you are starting your own company or expanding your business in Japan R.E.S. is your agent for offices, retail spaces, restaurants, and bars, and more.