When you are going to rent an apartment in Tokyo, you will be
embarrassed by under Japanese rental system;

1. Key money ( called gReikinh in Tokyo area)

In ordinary Japanese rental system, they ask you gKey Moneyh
  which will not be refundable at the termination of the rental agreement. 
gKey Moneyh is equivalent to two monthfs rent.  But we understand it
   is very difficult for a foreigner who will stay in a short term in

      Then we arranged rental apartment without gKey Moneyh in the
   following rental list.
If you donft mind to pay gKey Moneyh, please
   check the rental list written in Japanese.  

2. Deposit money

    Deposit money is usually equivalent to two or three monthfs rent.
   Deposit money will be refundable at the termination of the rental
   contract. But if you damaged the property by your mistake, the
  repair fee will be reduced from your deposit money.

3. Guarantor

      When you apply some apartment room, most owner ask you to
   present some Japanese guarantor. We understand that it is difficult
   for foreigners to have a good Japanese guarantor in a short term.
   We will negotiate to the owner concerning the guarantor.